Letter from the Editor

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Friends, Romans, 1L’s, lend me your ears,

The Legal Eye is excited to usher in a new school year.

Those of you entering your first year of law school might not be familiar with the Legal Eye.  The same could be said of those upper year students who are transferring to UBC from other universities, and of everyone else.

The Legal Eye is UBC Law’s independent student publication.  We operate at arm’s length from all forms of government, out of a small room on the fourth floor with a wealth of post-it notes and no windows.

The Legal Eye‘s mission is to create a product that reflects the richness, diversity and collective wit of the student body.  To this end, I encourage everyone to get involved with the Legal Eye in whatever capacity appeals to you.  We are interested in contributors, editors, commenters and of course readers.

This year, in an effort to connect with broader audiences, we are foregoing all definitional limits on what constitutes relevant content.  The law student publication is interested in things loosely thematically linked to law and in things loosely thematically linked to students.  If you are interested enough in something to write 500 words about it, chances are it’s relevant.  Your strongly held beliefs in relation to section 19 of the Land Title Act are relevant.  Your review of the latest episode of Suits is relevant.  Funny pictures of your cat are highly relevant.  If you know how to make a tasty beef stroganoff from basic ingredients, you should write a piece about that, but you should also contact me privately at your earliest convenience.

The Legal Eye reserves the right to edit contributions for content, length, and grammar, but we intend to keep this right in reserve.  Defamation is not chill, and neither is hate speech.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Legal Eye, questions, comments, concerns, and contributions can be emailed to legaleye.ubc@gmail.com.  Follow us on Twitter (@TheLegalEye), and love us on Facebook.  You are also encouraged to share your thoughts in the commenting section below.  I’m the guy in the picture.  Feel free to say hi to me in the halls.


Tal Letourneau


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