A rough road leads to the stars: peer tutoring at UBC Law



Per aspera ad astra—A rough road leads to the stars.

I want to go into space. And I’m going to do it one day. But before I do it, I’d like to help you succeed academically at law school.

The UBC Law Peer Tutoring program is a pretty cool service run by Kaila Mikkelsen, Dana-Lyn Mackenzie, and a happy-go-lucky ragtag squad of 2Ls and 3Ls. We do exactly what it says on the label. We’re your peers. And we tutor you.

There is no stigma involved in signing up for a peer tutor. This isn’t a program for bad students. It’s a program for students who care about their academic performance. You can request a specific peer tutor if you’ve met one of us and found that there was a good match in personalities, or you can simply email Ms. Mikkelsen with a short bio and a list of your academic concerns. Ms. Mikkelsen will do a bang-up job of matching you up to your ideal tutor, based on personality, study-style, and interests.

You can meet us only once. Or you can meet us as many times as we allow you to.

Your peer tutor will assist and guide you, sharing their successful study and learning strategies, and providing tips on how to most efficiently tackle the challenging study of law. We won’t provide proofreading assistance, or re-teach you your course materials. But we’re happy to discuss the material with you to facilitate your understanding.

We’re also happy to just chat about opportunities at law school or career goals.

I look forward to meeting you, tutee.