Pet of the Month: Binky

Name: Binky “Pees in the House Plants” Cameron

Birthday: April 7, 2009

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Likes: Constitutional Law, highlighters, putting holes in lululemon pants, bringing half-dead birds home, Will Shaw

Dislikes: online readings, seminars, when her mommy goes on exchange, German Shepherds, the vet

Favourite Foods: Cat Chow, innocent baby animals, poinsettas

Why Binky was Nominated: Binky has been a solid study partner since I adopted her the week before writing the LSAT (NOTE: I do not recommend bringing home a new kitten the week before writing a test which will determine your destiny). Binky has made the move from Winnipeg, MB to Vancouver with me, and currently resides in Squamish while I finish my exchange semester in Australia. It has been difficult studying at Uni Melb without Binky here to walk all over my keyboard, steal erasers, drool on my study notes, and love me unconditionally despite my irrational stress freak outs and coming home rowdy from Bzzr Ups. Luckily, Binky is adept at Facebook, and regularly posts cute cat pictures on my wall.

If you would like to submit your pet to be featured as the Legal Eye‘s Pet of the Month please email Our resident Petspert, Alissa Perry, may choose your pet. Be sure to follow a similar format to this one and send in your cutest photos of your lil buddy. Thank you.